Mini ATM toy bank

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* Sila pilih Ipay88 untuk online banking (, CIMBclicks, RHB online, Bank Islam, Hong Leong Bank, etc  )

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* Delivery will be made in maximum 14 working days.
* Penghantaran akan dibuat dalam masa 14 hari bekerja

Phone                                  :              +6010 2255485 ( 10am - 8pm )
Whats App ( Chat Only )  :       +6010 2255485 ( 10am - 12pm )

Emails :



Teach your kids the importance of savings !!!

* Time Setting
* Money Drawer & Storage  

* Tracking on savings target.

What's included in the box :
> 1 mini ATM toy bank  , 1 Bank card, 1 User Manuall

Requires 3 AA size batteries ( not included )


Material = LED Screen, ABS PLASTICS
Net weight = 400g
Gross weight = 500g
Item Size = 13.5 x 12.6 x 18.5 cm
Box Size = 14 x 13 x 19 cm

Sample video: 


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